Interview with Tiber

Posted by Mr. Satan on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 13:42
What do you think it is that makes this game unique to this very day?

The game has no limits skillwise, I studied it and created my own style , and I can still see far ahead on how one might improve himself.

What do you enjoy the most about jka?

The competition, I often give 110% when I play a worthy high-rated opponent and win, while I might lose against a low-rated opponent because there is simply no satisfaction in winning.

What is it that you think other players connect to your name?

Well, some time ago I was known as this random person that joined esl with this extremely unconventional style, which people hated, but I am mostly friends with everyone nowdays.

Who do you think has the biggest chances to win the tournament?

There are too many good players to tell, to be honest, it is a matter of who gets to fight who, since a>b b>c c>a .

What are your plans for the future with jka?

I have no plans really, currently I am simply going for the money and the challenges to be found on baseJKA.

What are your thoughts on

So far it looks good, hoping for as many turneys as possible.

What would you wish for in the future?

JKA will never die, but the competitive scene will die eventually, I wish it to survive as long as possible, since there is no hope for a new JK game, at least not like JKA.

Who would you like to see coming back the most?

I have no preference, I have always been friends with less popular players in order to avoid mass ego or flamings or team-whoring , anyone comming back is a + from me.

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