Our Official MOD was developed and is kept maintaned within strict rules to make sure neither the damages nor the gameplay gets changed. For this, the developers used the whole code of JKA.



The anti cheat that prevent players using LAGUNLOCK or CVAR hack. Functionaling as a shell, it blocks every method of making changes in the JKA process.

Gametype extension: TDM:COMPETITIVE

An extension of Team Deathmatch, b_competitive 1 will make the regular TDM rounds into LTS.

What is it?
LTS aka Last Team Standing is a known gametype from Counter-Strike or other games, generating fast & tensious rounds by giving you only one chance to live. Once you are dead, you'll be moved to Spectator view until the beginning of next round, where you will be set back to your last team.

How to get it work:
-Make sure your server is running on TDM ( g_gametype 6)
-Set b_competitive to 1 (either with rcon or call a vote)
-Restart the map, and you are done.

Bug fixes:

cg_fov: JKA has never supported widescreen monitors, until now!

Fixed major GUI drawing bug
fov limit has been increased to 125

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