2on2 Ladder Rules

2on2 Saber Ladder

General INFO:

Re-challenge interval is 3 days.

g_gametype 6 (2on2; Best of three)
Fraglimit 20
Timelimit 10
Allowed maps:

Wherever u agree to play on, 1 round each. If you wish to play on a map that is not an official JK:JA map (third party made), you can do so as long as your opponent agrees on it.
Exclusions: (these maps can be picked by any side for their round along the default JK:JA maps)

the bonus mappack made by Ravensoft
Allowed servers:
The game server must have our latest official [BaseJKA Patch].

Other than that, here is a list of commands that are mandatory to be set:

seta d_saberkicktweak "1"
seta g_debugMelee "0"
seta g_dismember "0"
seta g_forceRegenTime "200"
seta g_forcerespawn "15"
seta g_friendlyFire "1"
seta g_friendlySaber "1"
seta g_gravity "800"
seta g_locationBasedDamage "1"
seta g_privateDuel "0"
seta g_saberDamageScale "1"
seta g_speed "250"
seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
seta g_teamForceBalance "0"
Force Power:
Matches may be played "FullForce" if both teams agree. However, playing 1 round with it, and 1 round without is not possible.

Commands excluding force powers by default:

seta g_forceBasedTeams "0"
seta g_forceRegenTime "200"
seta g_forcePowerDisable "163837" // "0" for Full Force
seta g_maxForceRank "7"
Matches may be played with PICKUPS allowed if both teams agree. However, playing 1 round with it and 1 round without is not possible.

Commands excluding pickups by default:

seta disable_item_shield_sm_instant "1"
seta disable_item_shield_lrg_instant "1"
seta disable_item_medpak_instant "1"
seta disable_item_medpak "1"
The Gate:
Depending on how active the ladder is, the top 5-10 will get into the Pro Ladder at the 2nd day of each month.

Awards for the Pro Ladder can be found [LINK] here.

Server Choice:

This league is made for Europe and Russia, therefore servers must be located in EU/RUS, USA players are welcome to participate but they must do it on EU/RUS servers ( We can however the server to be somewhere as fair as possible for both rounds, perhaps WEST UK or Iceland).
OpenJK is not allowed!

BaseJKA is using ESL rules.
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse
ESL Rules: link here

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